How To Start a Website For Your Bakery Business

By now, most people understand the value of a website. For a bakery business to exist, a website is necessary. But where do we begin? In this Bakery Shop Studio article, we will explain the first two important steps of creating a website – purchasing a domain and finding a web host.

First things first – take a moment to think about how you want your business to appear online. If you have a physical storefront, we are sure you spent time thinking about décor, color and other items to emulate the personality of your business. The same will apply to your website. Think about your theme. What makes your bakery different from others? Are you the birthday cake baker? Or the organic, vegan baker? Whatever it is that make you stand out from the others, be sure it is reflected on your website. Your website is extremely important for your business. With that said, let’s begin.

Step One: Register a Domain

What is a domain? A domain is your website address. Think of a website like a house. Today you are building your house from the ground up. As with all houses, we start with the “where”. Where do you want to build your house? The domain name is your website’s address. Like a physical address, your domain will create a spot for your website. In other words, your domain will tell search engines, such as google, where you live. For more information on domains, click here for our tips on selecting a domain. There are several places where you can register a domain. Here is a great article on the top domain registrars.

Step Two: Purchase a website.

Your website is your virtual storefront. Your store, online. If you are a current Bakery Shop Studio member, your monthly service includes a website. Our websites are easy to edit and require no coding. You can build your virtual store by adding pictures of your creation and other basic information. You can be as creative as you want! I can go on and on about great features, we have so many. If you are not a current member, contact us today and see how our solution can make your business successful. Now our websites are just the icing on the cake of our great software, if you decide to use our business solution software but host your websites elsewhere here are is a list of places to choose from.

By implementing these two simple steps, you are on your way to building your virtual business. Baker Shop Studio software solution has great features to help your bakery business. Check back with us for more tips on websites, online marketing tips and other useful information on ways to make your bakery business successful.