Implementing Local SEO for Your Bakery Business

Your website is the storefront of your bakery in the digital age. Your online presence through Google’s local business search provides a window to capture the attention of the people strolling by your storefront online.

By having a strong presence on local business search you can build your following, increase revenue, and positively impact your bakery business.

According to Google’s study Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior, local searches lead to more sales than non-local searches. Of local searches made from smartphones, 50% were looking for a business’s store address. Additionally, Google’s study found that 30% of consumers are more likely to buy in-store if they know the store is nearby.

What is Local Business Search?

Basically, Local Business Search is the equivalent of the Yellow-Pages of yesteryear. Backed by an advanced Google algorithm, the search provides business locations within the proximity of the consumer’s GPS location that matches their search results.

Type in “bakery” and any town you want to see what Google says are the top three bakeries in that location. You’ll want to make sure that you’re listed. Of course, if you’re not, this guide to baker marketing can help you fix that.

Local business search is a particularly powerful tool because it appears above all other search results, provides customer-submitted ratings, a location, a map, and, at a click of a button, a wealth of detailed information about the business.

Get a Google My Business Profile

The first step is claiming your Google My Business profile. If you at least have a website, you probably already show up somewhere in a Location Business Search. However, by taking control of your bakery businesses Google My Business Profile, you can boost your rankings in the results and convey a more clear, accurate message about your bakery to everyone in the area with a sweet tooth.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to do this. So, if you have time to read this article: stop. Go get your page. Then come back.

But first, a couple tips for optimizing your Google My Business profile from the start:

  • Provide an in-depth, unique description that includes links to relative blog posts, news stories, and your website.
  • Make sure your business address is consistent with the one on your website and other local directories. Inconsistent listings hurt local SEO efforts.
  • Make sure that “bakery” is listed as your category. That said, if you specialize in weddings or events, select a more niche category (such as “wedding cakes”).
  • Add a local phone number.
  • Add the hours you’re open.
  • Upload a high-resolution cover photo and profile picture.

Photos, Photos, Photos

Your Google My Business profile will allow you to upload as many photos as you want. Given how much effort you put into every detail of your cakes, pastries, and breads, take a moment to showcase them. Though you can’t have too many photos, you can have too many photos of the same items. Once a customer realizes you have a stunning Strawberry Shortcake, they don’t need to see it from another angle. What they may also want to know is that you provide a killer Chocolate Forest Cake as well.

That said, all your photos don’t have to be about baked goods. Use the photos to sell the ambiance of your seating area and the atmosphere you’ve created for happy customers.

Customer Reviews

People trust stranger’s opinions about restaurants and bakeshops. It’s a fact. A strange fact, but why do you think Yelp is such a success?

According to Invespcro, 92% of users will buy from a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating, while 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Given that, reviews on your website, as well as reviews that show up for on a Local Business Search are essential. According to BrightLocal’s annual Local Consumer Review Survey, 70% of consumers will leave a review for a business when asked.

So, ask.

Also, having a robust social media presence on Facebook, Yelp, and Google+ can be a boon, as the reviews are easily integrated within the listing.

Get Your NAP Right

Having a poorly coordinated NAP (name, address, phone number) can be detrimental to your ranking. The key is to have 100% consistency between all online media platforms. Providing your NAP frequently on your website, often in the footer, is a great way to ensure that Google finds it when it crawls your page.

Baker Marketing: Implementing Local SEO for Your Bakery Business

By having a strong presence in a local business search, you will be able to drive up revenue and establish a better connection with a larger audience. The best part, however, is that it’s quick and simple to boost your position, leaving you plenty of time to focus on the part of the bakery business that you love most—baking.