Customer Success Stories

We believe passion is what makes a good business thrive and we are here to help your bakery dreams triumph. Read from a few of our customers' successes then give us a call today to join the long list of successful bakery business using our bakery software solution.

Made my business much easier to manage...

My concerns with buying a product was trust in customer service. I knew I needed a product (website) but wanted to make sure that the company I chose knew from a baker's needs what I needed and wanted. Sure enough, thanks to the calls and patience of Lydia P. and Walter M. I was more than surprised that Bakery Shop Studio knew exactly what I needed and how to get me started.

I am not to good with technology but I can confidently say that with their guidance and continuous support they have made my business much easier to manage and my clients are extremely happy with the simple to use order system, which provides me more time to make more magic.

If you are a baker, caker, pastry chef, make a handmade product and you want to make your business reach successful heights then The Bakery Shop Studio should be your next stop. You will not be disappointed. Five Star Service!

I have already recommended this system to a few of my friends...

Bakery Shop Studio has made all of my operation needs very easy. I love the way the system is setup, and how quickly my concerns are handled.

I have already recommended this system to a few of my friends. I believe they will find the same joy as I have. I am also looking forward to using this system for my second business needs as well. They have done a GREAT job with website. It's easy to manage, and it displays everything I envisioned.

Special thanks to Walter M. for taking the time to call/email me and walk me through the functions of my site. He has made this process a great one!

Best investment I have made for my business...

I was losing customers when I couldn't pick up the phone or when we were closed for the day and my website was static with information only. Now, my customers have access to order online 24/7 and I get less information request calls and more order calls. This has been the best investment I have made for my business.

It offers me exactly what I needed to grow my business without the software, effort and not much money.

I've been so impressed with the customer service...

At first, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to customize as much as I wanted. I loved the fact that the website and software were connected and would work together. I also wanted to be sure it was mobile friendly. Now that we're fully utilizing the full benefits of the software, I'm finding how easy and all inclusive it is. With the calendar, invoice system and the build in website it's very user friendly once it's set up.

I've been so impressed with the customer service. We aren't fluent in software and website building and had many questions along the way. Each time, we spoke directly with someone and had the issue fixed within a short period of time. I also made specific requests for the website and those were accommodated.

Everything I need to manage my business...

Bakery Shop Studio has been a big help to my business! The software is innovative and user friendly. The product offers everything you would need to manage your business & the price is unbeatable.

The staff at Bakery Shop Studio was very helpful throughout the setup process and they continue to provide superior customer service with any website changes and questions.

I'm glad that we decided to use Bakery Shop Studio and I highly recommend their product and services!!!

They won't regret going with your software...

I've been using your system for a few months now and I love it! By far, the absolute very best app that I've found. I have went through a solid 15-20 different applications, testing every single one for days and weeks before finally finding your system, and as I said, I love it and is all I have been using and will ever use. Thank you so much!

At first, I didn't really know exactly what it was or does, which was okay because when I asked for a sample or a trial, it was quickly given, and when there was a question, there was a quick response and etc. So easy to work with 100%.

I would recommend your software, most definitely. If I knew that that one was trying to running a business with same model as my own, I KNOW that they won't regret going with your software over any other app or site. I'm confident.

Customer service is second to none...

This is an AWESOME product! This product allows me to take orders while I sleep or away from my computer for any reason.

The customer service is second to none! EVERY concern I've had has been addressed in a timely manner. The majority of the concerns I've had have been due to my lack of knowledge of the system.

Other than that the system is a MUST purchase!