How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

At the end of the day, how well do you really know your customers? Obviously, if you don’t have any customers, your business isn’t going to travel very far. To that end, it is important to have a constant idea of your ideal customer. The next step from there is to figure out how to give them what they want through your business.

Thankfully, accomplishing both of these things is a lot easier than it used to be. You can get started by developing a keen understanding of your target audience. This is going to be the foundation of any marketing strategy you construct.

Knowing Your Customers And Other Marketing Essentials

With your bakery, it should be easy enough to figure out the people you are going to market yourself to. This can include the parents of kids having birthdays, a business owner putting together a corporate event, an event planner, or someone who is preparing for a wedding, or some other similar special event. You also want to consider people who simply want to try some homemade baked goodies.

Now, do you plan to reach out to all of those groups? Would it better at this point in time to focus on just one group? This is a good question to ask at the beginning. It will give your marketing plans a good deal more focus. For a new business, it can sometimes be best to focus on just one of the major groups we mentioned.

Once you know who you are speaking to, it is going to be easier to shape the language that will eventually make up your marketing content. As you can imagine, the things you would say to a parent are going to be quite different to the things you might say to someone who is planning a bachelorette party!

In terms of finding these people, social media and word-of-mouth are going to be important. Most of your customers are already on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Tumblr. Your challenge is to craft content that is going to get their attention, and then keep them engaged for the long haul. Local business directories and related blogs can also be useful. Pairing up with businesses like yours can be a good way to pool resources, and create a network of viable customers for everyone.

Finally, make it a point to learn about your customers as individuals. Make them feel like they are actually dealing with someone who cares about their needs.