What is in a Domain – Let Bakery Shop Studio Help!

A website address, or domain name, is how search engines, such as google, find a website on the internet. Similar to a physical address marking the location of a house. Unlike physical addresses, we can creatively select our own website address. There are several ideas to selecting a domain name. The most common way is to select one that is your business name. For example, our domain name is BakeryShopStudio.com because our business is Bakery Shop Studio. By making your domain name your business, you are, in a very simple way telling people where you live with your business name. It makes it easy for people to remember your website.

There are many domain registrars where you can purchase and check for domain availability, here is a great article to research the different places. Domains sell like hot cakes, be sure to get one soon. 

Tips on Selecting a Domain Name

Do: Buy a Domain Before Doing Anything Else!
Even if you’re unsure of your business name, search online for potential domain names for your business to see what is available. Domain names are virtual real estate and the market is hot. So, if you are dabbling with a few business names, buy the domains now. Domains are renewed annually. After a year, you can choose to renew only the one you want.

Do: Buy a domain, quickly!
It is important that you purchase quickly. Remember, several businesses can be named Momma’s Little Bakery but only one business can have mommaslittlebakery.com. If you aren’t set on selecting a business name, finding a domain name will be easier.

Do: Your Research
Make sure the domain you want isn’t a trademark. The chances are slim but do the research nevertheless. It is one less headache (and possible legal matters) to avoid.

Do: Stick to a “.com”
Most domain registrars will provide suggestions of domain names, when the one you want is currently owned by someone else. They provide options for the same domain with different extension like “.net”. In other words, if you want BakeryShopStudio.com and clearly it is already taken, you will have the option to purchase BakeryShopStudio.net. Steer clear of purchasing the “.net” or any other non “.com” websites. This will only confuse your customers and make your website harder to search. Also, a previously taken domain has been index (given authority and rank) to the existing website.  

Do: Spell it out
Spelling it out is best. It makes it easier for your visitors to remember. For example, your bakery business name is Jenny & Jack’s bakery. Spell out the business name and make your domain jennyandjacksbakery.com. This is easy to type out and easy to remember.

Now you’re ready to search for a perfect domain name! Remember, all Bakery Shop Studio subscriptions include a website, all you need is the domain. Contact us for more details about our bakery software solution. Check back with us for more tips on websites, online marketing tips and other useful information on ways to make your bakery business successful.